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Here under Lifestyle I will be sharing some wonderful stories, experiences preferences and all things horsey and dressage that is part of the incredible journey I am on with my horses.


I will try and write a new piece at least once a month. I am so looking forward to taking you on this journey with me!





Article 2

'When goals are reached'




Isn´t it funny how we go through our entire lives chasing after our goals and dreams. Please don't mis-understand me. I believe its very important for each and every one of us to have these.


Without them there is little that drives us to be better and improve ourselves.



As many of you know I put out a very big goal for myself in 2013, the goal to represent my country, South Africa, at the World Equestrian Games in 2018. That goal, which seemed for a long while would only be a dream, got realised a few weeks ago.



There I was with my ex-jumping, turned GP mare in Tryon, America. The worlds best horses and riders surrounding me. Inspiring, yes for sure. Intimidating, no because while I was there these two weeks I can truly say I felt like I belonged. I felt that for the first time in my life my dreams and goals in riding became reality.



When your biggest dream to date becomes reality you usually have a moment of feeling lost and not quite knowing what to do next. This is what brings me to the following. I was at WEG with what seemed to be a lot of odds against me but at the end of the day it came down to me putting the work and dedication in everyday and praying to God to please lead me on the path that he believes is right for me. I have said so many times that this sport is about the journey and not only the end goal and now more than ever I believe that fully.



Lavinia and I bonded even more after this amazing experience and when we both were unsure or a little unsteady we found strength and ease in the trust that we have built working together everyday at home. The smallest thing like giving her a small finger scratch at the wither when she was spooking at something or to keep my leg just that little bit closer to her side when she made a mistake in the twos because of the atmosphere calmed her down. That small gestures bringing her straight back to me. That, to me, is what made this the ride of my life - was it perfect, far from it, but it was a true test to how much my horse trusts me and that is a feeling that is plainly put, just priceless.



I have always had good nerves when it comes to competing - I owe that completely to my mommy, but while being at Tyron on the day of the competition, the most overwhelming thing happened to me. Lavinia and I were relaxed, calm and ready with no thought of how big what we were doing that day was. As I rode through the main entrance of the stadium and felt that amazing atmosphere, I for the first time in my life almost lost it. My throat chocked up and my eyes filled with tears. We made it, we actually made it. I was so close to loosing it when I remember clearly Lavinias one ear flicking back at me and I knew I wasn't alone and we were going to do this together, her and I after all we worked for. True partnership.



This unbelievable milestone has made me even more hungry to achieve great things in this sport and just like before I have new goals that I would like to achieve. The next being the Tokyo Olympics, but above all, like I said earlier, more than ever I believe in the journey and I am excited to continue growing with my special girl. Plus I also hope to form the same strong bond with my up and coming boys.



I want to thank all of you for all the love and support I have received before, during and after this wonderful experience!