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I'll start with my fiery feisty redhead – Le Beau, known at the stables as Bobo.


Bobo is my retired Grand Prix ride. He takes hotness and being on the rim of crazy to a whole new level and even today being already 20 years old, his mind is still that of a 4 year old. It has taken a lot of time and patience to calm him down and he is like a little teddy bear in the stable. He even has his own pink unicorn to play with as he loves nipping everything. Uni has helped us control the nipping towards humans and he knows now he is only aloud to hold on to my clothes not my skin.


I owe the world to Bobo as he might already have been a GP horse, but I had to completely change the way he was ridden and in the system he was ridden in. He was not easy to learn to ride the Grand Prix on, but it's been the best possible thing as he has taught me so, so much and made it very clear to me what type of rider I want to be. My trainer and my system is all about suppling and gymnasticising horses and once they are ridden this way it's wonderful to see how their body's muscle formation changes as well as their everyday demeanour.


Then we have Lavinia. So Lavinia is my very special project. Lavinia use to be a 1.50cm successful jumper. For unforeseen reasons her breeder had to sell her. The first day I rode her I just felt there is something very special in this horse and she had so much power that wasn't tapped into.


Long story short very few people believed that it would be possible to make her a dressage horse. I let the criticism roll of my back and kept believing in her character and what I felt. Moments of brilliance kept seeping through and now 5 years later I have trained her to Grand Prix. To put the cherry on the cake I will be representing my country with her at WEG this month. This horse will honestly take a bullet for me, just as I would for her, and that is a feeling and trust I only wish everyone can experience with a horse in their lifetime.