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I've been riding since the age of 3,5, but in children's it was eventing that was my love. My wonderful children's coach helped us when I was 13 to find my first horse. He was a Voigtskirch Namibian warmblood who had a lot of character and spunk. One day I was walking to the paddock when we saw him prancing around, which I today know was him showing talent for Passage! I will always remember that moment as clear as day; I said to myself, I want to learn how to teach a horse to do that with a rider on their back. Before long the dressage bug completely bit me and I knew through and through this would be my lifelong passion!


I became a very successful juniour dressage rider in South Africa and won numerous titles. The highlight being when I represented my country in the Youth Olympics 2005 in Sydney. After matric I decided to go study and get a good education behind my name and consequently obtained my degree in BCom Investment Management at the University of Pretoria.  Though instead of managing shares and bonds I decided to manage my investment in my horses and I have to say the reward compared to the risk has been much greater.


My journey in Europe started in 2013 when we bought Zidane and Lavinia and I trained under Daniel Bachmann Anderson. It was quite difficult logistically to travel from South Africa all the way to the north of Denmark so I had to make a change. A year later I moved down to Germany where Bennet Conn became my coach and is currently still my pillar I lean on and who supports me and has taught me so much. The other very important person in my life is Ulrike Nivelle. She has really been a very influential trainer and has supported me to really reach my potential in the high sport.


I am very lucky to be competing at WEG in Tryon this year for South Africa. My next goal is to represent my country at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and many more to come. It has always been a big dream and will stay a big dream until I reach it. More than anything else though, I would really like to put South African dressage on the map as a contender in the world dressage scene and for that reason I think my biggest goal is to eventually be ranked in the top 50 dressage riders in the world. I will keep chipping away at my goal every day, year in, year out